1. CULTURE: Quality interaction, leading to effective behaviour. Respectful of the dignity of all human beings. Honesty, integrity and trust in all we do.
2. CUSTOMER ORIENTATION: We are focused on benchmark customer satisfaction levels, resulting in the admiration of our customers, suppliers and staff.
3. TEAMWORK: We value the combined efforts of the team above individual contribution and maintain long-term relationships with colleagues and stakeholders, whom we regard with professional courtesy and respect.
4. PROFITABILITY: Our goal is sustained real growth, whilst adding value to our stakeholders and maximising value through product sales and services.
5. EXCELLENCE: We expect ourselves to perform above set minimum requirements, promoting the positive image of KONICA MINOLTA KZN.
6. RESPONSIBILITY: We act as responsible citizens. Whether within the company adhering to KONICA MINOLTA KZN policies or the broader community, our goal is to improve the quality of life of all our people and the community we serve.
7. RESULT- DRIVEN: We are a flexible action-orientated organisation.
8. RISK MANAGEMENT: Our employees treat KONICA MINOLTA KZN assets as their own, protecting them and applying the resources efficiently and professionally.
9. CONFIDENTIALITY: Company information and transactions are treated as strictly confidential. All employees are regarded with the same respect.
10. LEADERSHIP: We support the strategic direction of strong leaders within our team and align ourselves with the KONICA MINOLTA KZN Mission.
11. DEVELOPMENT: We encourage training and development in a stimulating business environment promoting creativity and offering career satisfaction with rewards.
12. EQUALITY: KONICA MINOLTA KZN: provides fair and equal opportunities and rewards for all employees, without prejudice, consistent with their abilities, needs and skills.
13. FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION: Whilst preferring to resolve any problem directly with relevant interest groups, we recognise and respect our employee's right to form or join labour organisations freely.